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Split Second in Time
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shige + guitar = smex!<33

Shipping from Southern CA
I accept ONLY paypal for now!!  Sorry guys!
I only hold items for 3 days AT MOST!
I am not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged goods
Sorry, no refunds or exchanges
Once you've confirmed (exchanged paypal address) there is no backing out!
Serious buyers only please (I cannot stress this enough)!!!  If you can pay right away you have first dibs~
I WILL keep in contact with you and will reply to all msgs as soon as I can and I WILL update you on the status of your package everytime there is a need to!:]
Once an item has been sold I will delete it from here!
  BTW, there is a 2.9% Paypal fee for all purchases~
Old comments are screened at first the deleted as time passes by, this makes things more organized!:)
Shipping price IS NOT included in price (unless stated otherwise)! International buyers welcome but must be willing to pay extra $$$
  Shipping days are at random.. usually though 1-3 days after purchase since I must wait for the pp money to transfer to my bank acct!:)  Please be understanding~ ><

EGL: +1
Asiajam: +12

April 23, 2010 - Added a bunch of stuff and finally organized the journal!! XD
April 28, 2010 - Added more stuff and shipped things out!:)
May 1, 2010 - Planning to add more stuff soon so keep a look out guys!^_^  Scratch that for today.. my family thinks its hilarious that we should all OUT OF NOWHERE go to Las Vegas (I like in LA btw!) then come back tomorrow night.. so I can't do any shipping, questions or comments since there is no internet at my house in Vegas (its a summer home or w/e).. So yeah, I sincerely apologize about this!! :(  I hate when my parents do this stuff.. its so annoying.  Ugh..  I'm sorry everyone!  I'll ship everything I need to on mon morning and answer all your questions and concerns then!!  Sorry!  Please forgive me! ;-;  See you guys soon then!<3 :D
May 3, 2010 - I'm catching up on everyone's questions & comments!:D  I also shipped out items as well~  Thanks guys!<3  I'll have new stuff up soon!
May 14, 2010 - Lowered a lot of prices!!!  PLEASE buy.. I'm desperate!  I have an overdraft fee I need to pay off.. :(
June 11, 2010 - Added LOTS of new stuff in the TOPS/DRESSES section!  Check it out! :D

bluexgray plaid shirt - watashipanda
sechuna panda top -
gloomy bear x peace now hoodie - seket_ninstuku
pikachu kigurumi - happybabybear
marjour punk dress - oberst_kaizer
23rd-Apr-2010 01:09 pm - [TOPS/SKIRTS/DRESSES]
23rd-Apr-2010 01:04 pm - [MISC]
Other clothes with no categories,Gothloli bible,FRUiTS book,FMA Artbook,SasuSaku doujinshi
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23rd-Apr-2010 01:03 pm - [FEEDBACK]
credit to pinkosa! yessss! :D
About time I had a feedback page! :3

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25th-Nov-2005 12:49 pm - Useless
shige + guitar = smex!&lt;33
This LJ is pretty useless...I'm only using this account to post on communities and interact with some friends. LOL. So yes. A pointless and useless LJ we have here. :D
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